Avensia Storefront Product release Q4

The Q4 release features several new functions to the starter site. It utilizes more omnichannel capabilities such as connecting physical stores with the e-commerce site, making it easier for the customer to find information about stock status and distance to nearest store. Additional features such as merged cart, newsletter subscription and wish list are now also available in the out-of-the-box starter site. Read about the new features below.

Main framework updates

    • Epi Commerce updated to version 11.3.0
    • Epi CMS updated to version 10.10.4
    • Avensia.Storefront.Connector updated to 3.4.0


    • Store details page with map and open hours
    • Stores list page with map and links to store details page for each store


    • Product inventory per store on product details page, with links to store details page for each store
    • See product inventory in Epi catalog administration

Wish list

    • Wish list for logged in customers
    • Add to wish list button on product details page
    • Add to wish list notification on product details page, with link to wish list


    • Add to cart notification, with link to checkout
    • Cart redesigned in mobile view
    • Anonymous cart merged with saved cart when logging in

Newsletter subscription

    • Store newsletter subscribers to local repository
    • Newsletter subscription checkbox in checkout page
    • Newsletter subscription in site footer
    • Newsletter subscription/un-subscription checkbox in customer profile page
    • Newsletter subscription published as MS Flow event (https://flow.microsoft.com/)

Microsoft Flow

    • Reference implementation for outbound MS Flow event as newsletter subscription event (Integrate directly with e.g. MailChimp or other MS Flow compatible endpoint)


More information contact


Simon.fredriksson@avensiastorefront.com – Partner Manager

Mats.nas@avensiastorefront.com  - Product Owner

29 November 2017