New release in Avensia Storefront empowers retailers to optimize customer experience and achieve Unified Commerce – the single point of truth.

Avensia Storefront, the global leading digital commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics, continues to supply retail companies with integrated, real-time and congruent business logic – to achieve true Unified Commerce. This leading-edge version of Avensia Storefront includes extensive new support based on integration of Episerver Personalization and inRiver Product Information Management (PIM).
‘We have invested heavily in a solution based on the best technical platforms, integrated and tested key elements for enhanced performance and rapid time to value, and we are very happy to be able to offer this ground-breaking new version of Avensia Storefront to the market’, said Niclas Forsvall, Director of Products at Avensia.

Understanding the end customer behavior and accelerating sales

In today’s highly competitive on- and offline commerce landscape, system support and coherent business logic between the systems throughout the buyer’s journey is key. This facilitates customer acquisition and builds customer loyalty by making the shopping experience as relevant as possible for every buyer at every touch point, increasing conversion rates and boosting sales.

Avensia Storefront integration with Episerver Personalization makes full use of data from Microsoft Dynamics, Episerver and inRiver PIM as well as the consumer behavior in off- and online channels.

Added functionality in Avensia Storefront, enabling personalization in Unified Commerce

  • Episerver Personalization: Avensia Storefront makes full use of the Episerver personalization suite, including Personalized Find, Perform and Insight – designed to optimize customer experience, merchandising strategies, and marketing campaigns based on visitor behavior in real-time and produced by machine learning algorithms.
  • inRiver PIM Connector: Connecting Dynamics, inRiver PIM and Episerver makes it possible to share and enrich product information in all channels, increasing relevance for buyers in every interaction with the merchant.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Discounts: This release makes it possible to promote discounts in digital channels centrally managed from Dynamics. Automatic creation and publication of campaign pages and campaign tagging and relations are just a few of these features.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV: This release makes it possible to connect Dynamics NAV to the consistent business logic of the connected systems, including LS Retail.
  • Stripe global payment solution: Stripe is implemented as a payment connector simplifying and securing the payment flow both in the online channel and order fulfillment process in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Early customer BETA tests have shown outstanding results, both when it comes to technical capabilities and customer value. Eason, the main supplier of books, newspapers and magazines in Ireland, decided to implement an e-commerce solution that would work seamlessly with Dynamics. The project had a tight deadline and showed incredible results – a 68% uplift in transactions and a 49% uplift in revenue!

12 October 2018