Storefront Starter Site v1809 for D356 (Dynamics365 for Operations v8)

The Storefront Starter site has been updated with a fully implemented payment connector for Stripe ( Another new major feature is that a D365 extension has been added to integrate the starter site with the active promotions from D365, creating promotion pages for the offers and tagging products with promotion info. Avensia Storefront continues to extend the EPI roadmap feature set by integrating with EPI Personalized Find and product recommendations with EPI Perform. The tracking info that the starter site now sends will also enable users to utilize EPI Reach.


  • Updated to Avensia Storefront Connector 6.0.0
  • Updated to Dynamics 365 v8.0
  • Updated to Episerver CMS 11.5.3 and Episerver Commerce 12.2.0

New features

  • Quick buy from the icon on the category page
  • Stripe implemented as a D365 payment connector
  • Strikethrough of original price when price has been lowered
  • Product images are clickable, for a zoomed in image view
  • Category page and search results page indicates if a product belongs to a promotion
  • Product details page lists which promotions the product belongs to
  • Promotions listing page
  • Promotion details page listing all products associated with the promotion
  • Episerver Personalized Find used for internal search engine
  • Episerver Perform Product Recommendations on product detail page and as a content block
  • Channel attributes Retail Server extension
  • Brand filter has beed added as a facet option on product listing pages 

Bug fixes

  • Quick search and search results page now use the same search criteria
  • Add multiple wish list items to cart now works


Avensia Storefront Starter now comes with integrations for a wider range of Episerver products. Episerver Personalized Find is used for a relevant product listing order on the category page and the search results page. 
Episerver Perform has been added to give relevant product recommendations on pages such as the product details page and the start page. As part of Episerver Perform implementation we are now using Episerver’s tracking, which gives the opportunity to leverage Episerver Reach for e.g. Abandoned cart emails.

  • Episerver Personalized Find
  • Episerver Perform
  • "Episerver tracking"

Stripe payment connector

The Avensia Storefront Starter includes a new D365 payment service provider integration, this payment connector integrates Stripe into the Starter site, the Retail Server and the AOS.
For installation of payment connectors please see and PaymentConnectors.mdincluded in the Starter site package.


D365 promotions are now visible on the Avensia Storefront Starter site. On the category page and the search results page, products are marked as being part of a promotion. 
On the product details page, the specific promotions are displayed with a link to each promotion’s product listing page. 
The import job generates CMS pages for active D365 promotions, giving an Epi editor the ability to enrich these pages with banners and text.
A page listing all available promotions, with links to each promotion’s product listing page, is also included in this release.

  • Retail server and CRT extension for promotions
  • Storefront step task for importing D365 promotions into Episerver CMS
  • Promotions listing page with links to each promotion’s product listing page
  • Marking of products as being part of a promotion on product listing page and search results page
  • Listing of promotions for a product on the product details page

Retail Extensions and Commerce Runtime Extensions

For installation of extensions for promotions and channel attributes please see and included in the Starter site package.

New Design

  • The page is now optimized for full width
  • Header has a new lightened design
  • Facets on listing pages has a new horizontal design
  • Checkout page has a new design supporting the Stripe implementation

General Changes

  • Multiple minor changes and bug fixes
16 October 2018