Partners in line for Avensia Storefront

Avensia Storefront grows beyond expectation. Interest in the smart e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV is immense. With a partner network that is covering the whole world, customers can now get service and support by local providers anywhere at any time. Among the newly signed up partners are some of the largest e-commerce and Microsoft Dynamics suppliers in the world.

The Avensia Storefront partner network has grown rapidly with implementation partners for both Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver. So far this year more than 10 new partners from all over the world have committed to the platform through Avensia’s partner program. Among the partners that invested in the program are some of the leading retail implementation specialists of Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV; Empired, UXC Eclipse, Implex Solutions, Columbus, EG and Acando.

“The plan for Avensia Storefront was to work hard to build an extensive network of partners world-wide. What we did not expect was that we so early would get global recognition. We have reached a point where we no longer have to look for partners. They look for us”, says Jorgen Bertilsson, Executive VP Global Business Development at Avensia.

Some of the partners have already initiated projects with the storefront solution for their customers. There are now several Avensia Storefront developments running simultaneously across the globe.

“This approach enabled by the Storefront, provides us with a new market of possibilities. We can now efficiently deliver eCommerce sites on Episerver, connected with Microsoft AX and NAV, to clients where cost or risk would have previously been an inhibitor.” Explains Richard Brown, National Practice Manager of Digital and Experience at Intergen

Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV are two of the fastest growing ERP systems on the market. Avensia Storefront completes the solution with cutting edge e-commerce and digital experience platform from Episerver. Among the last customers to sign up is one of the most valued brands in the world, which gives a good indication of how big the product is about to become.

“This is just the beginning. We know that this is the future model for commerce and that the demand for this type of solution will be absolute. Avensia Storefront with Microsoft Dynamics erases the system complexity and enables omni-channel nirvana for retailers, making them adapt to customer demands at a pace never seen before.” Says Jörgen.
1 June 2016