Avensia Storefront Success at NRF

35 000 delegates met in one exhibitor hall as big as a small city. This 4 day event, focused on education, collegial networking, technologies and solutions, was a great success for Avensia Storefront. Together with Microsoft and Episerver, Avensia managed to demonstrate just how powerful the new Storefront solution is.

The interest in Avensia Storefront for Dynamics AX was huge. It is the key that many retailers around the world are looking for in order to serve their customers a true omni-channel solution and grow their business.

“Finally exposed at the world’s greatest arena we can tell that this project is a real success. We believe that the interest for Avensia Storefront is just getting started and we are looking forward to a year where we truly revolutionize the whole retail industry with this solution”, says Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive VP of Global Business Development at Avensia.

NRF is just one of the events Avensia Storefront are visiting this year. The next upcoming event is Microsoft Envision in New Orleans.

16 February 2016