Avensia launches enterprise E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics AX at NRF

The Microsoft Azure-hosted e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX - Avensia Storefront- will officially launch for the new Dynamics AX at the NRF Big Show. Avensia Storefront is an e-commerce solution that adds the digital experience platform Episerver on top of Dynamics AX. It adds enterprise e-commerce functionality, including a starter-site and complete integrations to world leading third party systems. Avensia Storefront will also demo the solution in the Microsoft booth at the show

At NRF Avensia Storefront will show just how powerful the solution is and why it is the best option for any e-tailer regardless of industry. Today, the solution is on its way to becoming the industry standard e-commerce for Dynamics AX, and has made it possible for Microsoft to offer competitive e-commerce for medium and large size enterprises.

“The main hassle that every retail manager is trying to solve is the omni-channel puzzle. The customer is channel agnostic and companies struggle to meet their needs, managing several engagement platforms. There is a way to meet the customer’s demands while also avoiding system mish mash and unnecessary complexity. A way that puts the company in the driver’s seat, becoming proactive and guiding the customer through the whole sales process. Think of a 360° view where every channel is managed from one interface. That is what we will present at NRF, that is Avensia Storefront”, says Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive VP Business Development at Avensia.

The Storefront solution has received a lot of attention worldwide and is already being realized by several large retailers. Avensia Storefront will be showcased at NRF in the Microsoft booth. Anyone who is investigating e-commerce opportunities with Dynamics AX should see the solution in action  at booth 2803.

“We are impressed by the number of Dynamics and Episerver partners that has been onboarded globally for implementing the Avensia Storefront solution to customers. The interest for the solution has blown us away, with new partners onboarding weekly. This solution is so far ahead of the competition in almost every aspect. It cuts away complexity while adding features that accelerate business value, were other products are coming up short.” – David Bowen, Product Manager for E-commerce at Episerver

Avensia Storefront is developed by Avensia, a leading e-commerce expert company. The platform is available in the Azure cloud through Life Cycle Services in Dynamics AX. The intensive work with Avensia Storefront has quickly resulted in several customer projects. In 2016, several new Avensia Storefront customers will start implementing the solution. Most of them will be hosted on Azure.

“We see considerable interest for e-commerce solutions from our retail customers. The fact the new Storefront solution can be bought as a Service and rapidly deployed on Microsoft Azure across many markets gives customers an edge in the fast-moving retail space.” – Ashvin Mathew, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics AX.
10 February 2016