ShopLogiQ Creates Add-On for Avensia Storefront

Avensia Storefront launches intelligent add-on feature from ShopLogiQ. A software that disrupts the traditional way of interacting with online customers, simplifying the buying process and enhancing the digital experience simultaneously.

ShopLogiQ is an out of the box Add-On that uses the advantages of touch screen devices to drag and drop products directly into the basket. It does not matter if it is a part of a campaign or if it is an individual product. As long as it is displayed on the screen it is possible to interact with it.

“This add-on is an interesting contribution to our product and it widens our offer towards the market. We are looking forward to seeing this add-on in future Avensia Storefront installations, says Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive Vice President at Avensia Storefront. The international rollout to partners and customers have been very fast, Avensia Storefront is becoming the standard for e-commerce within Dynamics AX.”

 Emotional shopping where the customer experience exceeds expectations has been proven to lower the threshold to buy, increasing conversion rate and also the size of the shopping cart.

The add-on integrates with the Avensia Storefront start-up site, adding all logic on top of the e-commerce solution.

This product really facilitates the evolvement of mobile e-commerce. It erases many of the barriers that we have previously encountered when shopping with our cellphones and tablets. And in the process it also makes it a fun experience adding lots of interaction points to the site. We are very proud to have an add-on for Avensia Storefront”, explains Stefan Mumm, Head of Product Development at ShopLogiQ”
15 March 2017