Avensia partners with Microsoft and solves the omni-channel commerce puzzle

Global product launch of Avensia Storefront - a turn-key omni-channel solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics and EPiServer - today at Microsoft Convergence in Atlanta. With this solution assortment, customers, orders and data such as stock status and campaigns are available in real time across all channels and managed from one single system.

In cooperation with Microsoft and EPiServer, Avensia has created a solution that shapes a paradigm shift for the retail industry. Up until now, omni-channel has proven to be far from a seamless process. Many retailers vouch for the fact that system integration issues are the toughest barriers to overcome when trying to attain a higher level of omni-channel maturity. The launch of Avensia Storefront for Microsoft Dynamics for Retail considerably lowers both time to market and the investment when implementing a true end-to-end commerce solution.

We are very excited to be a part of this solution with Avensia and Microsoft. With this new product launch we will be able to solve some of the core challenges that retailers face today. – Bob Egner, Vice President of Product Management, EPiServer

Avensia Storefront combines EPiServers’ e-commerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics’ end-to-end omni-channel retail and commerce system. The solution enables retailers to monitor and control each customer interaction, in any channel, and guide their journey through enhanced shopping experiences.

Using the EPiServer Commerce platform opens up a world of add-ons, making it easy to select from a wide range of features developed from a global network of partners. This turn-key solution also includes a unified engine for search, merchandising, navigation and recommendations empowering the site to optimize experience and conversion rate.

Most retailers trying to attain a higher level of omni- or multi-channel maturity, get stuck in very expensive system integration projects that fail to add any direct business value to the solution. It is also very common that projects have to spend a lot of resources creating a common feature base in the site front-end. This is the very core of what Avensia Storefront solves. The solution cuts through this complexity and radically lowers the barrier to a modern omni-channel implementation.– Jörgen Bertilsson, VP Global Sales at Avensia

Avensia Storefront includes a fully functional starter site with modern e-commerce best practices readily in-place, making it possible for the project to focus on higher business values rather than base features. This makes the project more cost efficient, lowers the risks and increases quality.

The starter site, tight real-time integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail and an instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX are all included in the turn-key setup in the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing capabilities such as automatic scaling and secure synchronization. It is also possible to use the solution on premise depending on user preferences.

We have seen a high demand for turn-key eCommerce solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail supporting the latest omni-channel commerce experiences. The Microsoft Dynamics platform supports a vibrant ISV ecosystem. The Avensia Storefront demonstrates the rich platform capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail platform and the rich commerce customer scenarios enabled in the Avensia Storefront.- Ashvin Mathew – General Manager Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Commerce Solutions.
The Microsoft Dynamics For Retail solution continues to gain momentum in the omni-channel commerce world. With the rich capabilities offered up by the Microsoft Dynamics platform, coupled with the rich experiences offered by the Avensia Storefront, I’m confident Avensia wil excel in their chosen markets. – Duncan Taylor – Retail and Commerce Marketing Leader, Microsoft Dynamics.
1 January 2016