Avensia Storefront is a 100% cloud-compatible turn-key e-commerce solution that implements unified commerce to help you build a thriving omnichannel retail business.

Connecting Episerver’s e-commerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics

By making all channels operate under the same business logic, Avensia Storefront enables real-time communication between Microsoft Dynamics end-to-end omnichannel retail system and Episerver’s e-commerce and web platform. A move that saves up to 40% of project costs.

With the Avensia Storefront e-commerce solution, your retail business will be able to monitor and manage the customer journey in full. Connecting Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver allows Avensia Storefront to provide your business with a unified engine for search, merchandizing, navigation, and customized recommendations for products, promotions, and content.

In addition to the connector between systems, the Avensia Storefront solution comprises a fully functional and customizable e-commerce starter site, complete with implemented best practice principles. Allowing you to focus on what you know best – your customers.

The entire solution is offered within the Microsoft Azure cloud, which enables automatic scaling and synchronization.

An e-commerce solution for the omnichannel future

Avensia Storefront is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that provides streamlined system integrations, customizability, Azure cloud compatibility, and all the basic functions needed for a modern e-commerce solution.

Setting your business on course to establish a scalable and thriving omnichannel retail ecosystem. 

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