As a complement to Avensia Storefront, we also offer a range of services to support our Episerver and Microsoft Dynamics partners at different stages of their work with the product.

Our services are provided by specialized Avensia Storefront experts and consultants, providing support in everything from project management and development to sales and training.

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• Professional services

• Expert services

• Training

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Professional Services

To help our partners with their Avensia Storefront project, some of our top talents provide professional service and support in various fields and tasks – in shorter or longer time spans.

Our professional services include:

• Planning & analysis

• Project management

• Development

• UX & graphic design

Expert Services

We share our extensive experience and knowledge of working with Avensia Storefront through our expert services, provided by our dedicated Avensia Storefront team.

Our Avensia Storefront experts are a group of highly skilled consultants with in-depth knowledge regarding everything from our product development and technology to the development of sales strategies.

Avensia Storefront experts include:

• Product experts

• Product developers

• Solution sales professionals

• Technical sales professionals


In order for our partners to be able to truly understand and make the most out of Avensia Storefront, our dedicated and highly-skilled team provides hands-on training in both sales and implementation of the product.

Our training formats are:

• Remote training, e.g. video conference

• Workshops led by a consultant

• Workshops led and supported by a consultant

ASF Partner Course AX

A 2 day practical and complete course to get partners up and running on Avensia Storefront with Dynamics AX 2012/AX7 and Episerver.